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Music (Fall 2012)

Please note:

This page contains most of the notes I have typed so far from the 2012 Fall Music Appreciation course I am taking at DMACC. I make no guarantee about the accuracy or reliability of these; I post them in my free time, and they may contain errors, be delayed, and/or have crucial details missing. I provide them as-is, just in case somebody might happen to find them useful.

Notes from:

2012-08-27, Monday: here;
2012-08-29, Wednesday: here;
2012-09-10, Monday: here;
2012-09-12, Wednesday: here;
2012-09-17, Monday: here;
2012-09-19, Wednesday: here;
2012-09-24, Monday: here;
2012-09-26, Wednesday: here;
2012-10-03, Wednesday: here;
2012-10-08, Monday: here;
2012-10-10, Wednesday: here;
2012-10-15, Monday: here;
2012-10-17, Wednesday: here;
2012-10-22, Monday: here;
2012-10-24, Wednesday: here;
2012-10-29, Monday: here;
2012-10-31, Wednesday: here;
2012-11-05, Monday: here;
2012-11-12, Monday: here;
2012-11-14, Wednesday: here;
2012-11-19, Monday: here;
2012-11-26, Monday: here;
2012-11-28, Wednesday: here;
2012-12-03, Monday: here;
2012-12-05, Wednesday: here;

Terms list: here.
Exam 2 review: here.
Notes from the concert I attended: here.